Kudrat Kaur is a certified Kudalini Yoga teacher who traveled the world teaching personal development philosophies, yoga and the power of gem stones. She specializes in Naad Yoga, the science of sound, and in the ancient art of healing, using light yoga, mudras, mantras and malas.

She brings with her a burst of color, creativity and fun! Join Kudrat Kaur in one of several seminars taught throughout the year! If you find a city you are interested in simply hit contact the artist and she will send you a personal e-mail on Dates and times. Contact the artist if you would like to book Kudrat Kaur in your facility or town.

Salt Lake City Utah      Ottawa Canada  Boulder Colorado
Kansas City MO    Chicago      Denver Colorado
Crestone NM Eugene Oregon  Espanola Summer Solstice


·Yoga: Very light Kundalini yoga warm up
·Mudra: Discussion and practice of basic hand positions, directing the flow of healing energy.
·Mantra: Naad Yoga and affirmations - healing through the sacred science of sound. How the sound current affects     our daily lives.
·Gemstones: Their many fascinating, individual healing properties.
·Malas: Tying in all of the above, using mala prayer beads (which are traditionally used for counting mantras or                  affirmations and to enhance your meditation.) Malas made from precious and semi precious gemstones.
·Power Bracelets and gemstone pendulums-Discussion and practice (pendulums- custom designs and available          for sale after seminar)

Kudrat Kaur will bring over 100 beautiful and powerful custom designed malas and pendulums, each made with precious and semi-precious gemstones, which will be used in class and available for purchase after class.

*These hand-made beautifully and powerfully designed mala necklaces are also wonderful wearable art! *If you have a favorite piece of jewelry or a gemstone which is precious to you, bring it to class for discussion session.